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Heat Management

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Product Details:
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QUICK-COOL heat pipes are qualified for superior use.
The surface coating increases the solder ability of the QUICK-COOL heat pipes just to confect optimal heat transfer. Also it prevents again oxidation and early aging.
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**The power rating of heatpipes can principally only be a not binding approximate value. Installation conditions, capillary structure, length, heat input and heat extraction and their proportion as well as installation position to gravity, bending radius and surrounding temperature will have influence on the performance parameters. Therefore it is indispensable for the user to empirically review each particular case.
On this page presented standard heat pipes can be used up to 250°C max.
At request in high temperature types and low temperature types, please contact the QUICK-COOL team.
Product code: QG-SHP-D4-100MN
Material-tube:   Copper, nickel-plated
Material-working fluid:   Water
Distance(mm):   100
Diameter(mm:   4
max. heat transport (W)):   30 **
thermal resistance (°K/W):   0,4
head end (mm):     7
tail end (mm):     2
bending radius (mm):     12
capillary system:     Mesh
Minimum quantity:  1
Quantity: 1 Price at pcs in EURO: 11.21
Quantity: 3 Price at pcs in EURO: 7.47
Quantity: 10 Price at pcs in EURO: 5.46
Quantity: 30 Price at pcs in EURO: 4.33
Quantity: 100 Price at pcs in EURO: 3.56
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